My Totally Awesome Story

University of Queensland Press 

Written by Pat Flynn

Writing Activity – Blurbs

A blurb is a short paragraph, often on the back of a book, which describes what the story is about. Write a blurb for your story.

This book is totally awesome coz it’s all about ME – Duane Glade! There are also cute girls like Jackie and tough guys like me and my best mate Meatball although Meatball just acts tough he’s really a wimp. Miss Wright teaches us about writing witch I can already do perfect and I should get an A+++ but I bet I won’t coz I don’t suck up to Miss Wright like Grace does. That’s my nerdy writing partner who loves her horse Starlight so much I think she’s gonna marry it. If you read My Totally Awesome Story you’ll probably wet your pants from laughing so hard coz I’m so funny I should be on TV.
The End

Teachers Comment: This blurb is inappropriate and won’t attract a very high standard of reader to this book. It need to be completely rewritten at lunchtime. Miss Wright.