My Brother Ben

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University of Queensland Press

Luke and his big brother Ben spend the summer on the banks of Cabbage Tree Creek. Quiet Luke sketches birds, while Ben leaps off the Jumping Tree. The boys couldn’t be more different but they share the same dream: winning a boat so they can explore the creek properly.

Then Ben starts high school and the boys drift apart. When Luke catches Ben sneaking out at night, he knows his brother’s up to something, but what?

A timeless story of birds and boats, and of brotherly love that is bigger than a wedge-tailed eagle, bigger than the sky.

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  • Winner NSW Premier’s Literary Award

  • Winner Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Award (eight to 10 years)
  • Shortlisted Australian Book Industry Award

  • Shortlisted Queensland Literary Award

  • Shortlisted Readings Prize: Children’s

  • CBCA Notable Book (Younger Readers)

‘For everyone whose brother is a hero, even if they don’t know it yet.’ – Morris Gleitzman

‘There should be more books like this: gentle books that draw us slowly in and make us want to linger, books fashioned with kindness and family at their heart. My Brother Ben made me remember, and long for, times that were simpler. Well done, Peter Carnavas, and thank you.’ – Glenda Millard

‘How I love this book. Peter Carnavas is a wizard with words and a master of character, and his affection for Luke and Ben and the simple, complicated stuff of brotherhood shines through on every page. If you’ve ever had – or been, or known! – a brother, the ebbs and flows of their relationship will ring absolutely true and linger long past their story’s end. My Brother Ben is absolutely bursting with heart, and with the kind of quiet power of the very best books, the ones that leave an indelible mark. I didn’t know I needed a book about brothers, birds and boats; now I wonder how I was ever without it. What a glorious exploration of boyhood and brotherliness, of trust and truth and strength and steadfastness; please give My Brother Ben to all the boys in your life, and all the girls too.’ – Meg McKinlay

‘This story about birdwatching, being different and the bond between brothers is told in Peter’s lovely gentle way and it’s a real treat. Kids will love it.’ – Karen Foxlee