What’s In My Lunchbox?

What's in My Lunchbox

Illustrated by Kat Chadwick

Each day, a young boy opens his lunchbox with equal amounts of excitement and dread.   On the first day, he finds..

an apple!

I don’t like apples.

The next day, he finds an egg… but not just any egg.  A chick is hatching from this egg, as a big white chook flutters out of the lunchbox with a sandwich in its beak.

So it goes, each day revealing a more absurd and unlikeable escapee:  a fish offering sushi, a bear booting the lunchbox away, and a rather hungry-looking dinosaur.   Then there is something even worse than all of these things combined…

I wrote What’s In My Lunchbox? as a fun, read-aloud book for small people.  It was beautifully illustrated by Kat Chadwick, who did such a wonderful job bringing the simple text alive with such great, cheeky characters.  As much as l love the story, I think Kat’s end pages are the highlight for me.