The Children Who Loved Books

The Children Who Loved Books (New Frontier) is about Angus and Lucy, siblings in a family who don’t have very much.  No television.  No car.  No house (a small, green caravan instead).  But Angus and Lucy have books… hundreds of them!  They are stacked and piled everywhere until it all becomes too much and the books burst out of the caravan, almost burying the family.  Dad gets rid of the books but a small chain of events soon reveals just how much the family needs the books to stay together and be happy.

This story has two main themes.  The first is the idea of books bringing people together, physically and emotionally.  When you share a book with someone, you have to be close to them.  It’s a wonderful thing.  The other theme is the idea that you don’t need a big house and lots of things to be happy as a family.  The family in this story shares a very small space and they are still very happy.  It’s my way of delivering to children some of the ideas I read in a book called Affluenza, by Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss.

The Children Who Loved Books is the book that best sums up how I feel about the world.  We need only two things: books and each other.

(Food and shelter is important, too, but you get my point.)

Illustrations in watercolour and ink.