Oliver and George

Oliver and GeorgeNew Frontier Publishing 2014

Oliver is ready to play but George the bear is busy… reading.  Oliver tries everything to get George’s attention – paper planes, tipping porridge on his head, tickling him – but nothing works, until Oliver discovers the one thing that just might distract George.  But what happens when a boy bothers a bear too many times?

Oliver and George is playful story between two friends with very different natures.  Oliver is lively, playful and spontaneous.  George is quiet, focused and enjoys his own space.  I really wanted this story to be a simple play between these two characters.  There is no background – just white space, and a few props – to achieve the feeling of a play on an empty stage, our focus entirely on the interaction between the characters.

It is one of my favourite books to read aloud with children, as it invites them to read along with me (and RAAAGHHH! with me as well).  The best part of the book for me?  George’s little eyebrows.

Illustrations in watercolour and black pencil.