My Pop is a Pirate

My Pop is a PirateWritten by Damon Young

Ahoy!  Arrrghh!!  Shiver me timbers!!!

Okay, now I’ve got that out of my system, may I introduce…

My Pop is a Pirate!

While some pops juggle rubber chickens, dive in dazzling pools or even pirouette, there’s one pop that outdoes them all… Pirate Pop!  He buries treasure, crunches catfish and sails his ship on sharky seas.  Who wouldn’t want a pop like that?

My Pop is a Pirate is Damon Young’s follow-up to the hilarious My Nanna is a Ninja.  Just like its predecessor, this book bashes down stereotypes and depicts grandfatherly folk as adventurous,  exciting and unpredictable people.  It was a treat to bring these characters to life with pictures – I could never tire of drawing Pirate Pop.  It was also fun to sneak in a cameo appearance from Ninja Nanna and her cat… keep your eyes peeled.

Illustrations in watercolour and ink.