My Brother is a Beast

Beast Bro cover smallMy Brother is a Beast
Written by Damon Young
Illustrated by Peter Carnavas
University of Queensland Press

Some brother tap tambourines
as the drummers keep the beat.
But my brother is a beast…
he pounds pianos with his feet!


RAAAAAGHHHH!!!  GRRRRR!!!!  There’s a beastly brother on the block.  He growls at the moon, mixes monster mash and slime, and he gives the best hugs with his huge hairy paws.

It was a treat to illustrate Damon Young’s fourth book in this series that celebrates just how crazy and different and delightful families can be.  The beastly brother is a wonderful character, a monstrous creature that is also a lovely brother to his little sister.

Illustrating Damon’s books always stretches me to draw things I’d never dream of myself, and I find myself having so much fun with these rich characters: a kilt-wearing punk who not only jumps off giant speakers but plays the bassoon, too; a hipster bro serving poached plums to his pet walrus; and my favourite – a yoga-obsessed fox.

This book was a joy to work on and just as much fun to read to kids.