Jonathan cover

Jonathan! (New Frontier) follows the adventures of… Jonathan, as he dresses up in all sorts of home-made costumes, attempting to scare his family.  The only problem is that no matter what he tries, his family insists that he is just not scary.  With the help of a rather large and potentially scary friend, Jonathan finally scares the pants off his family (well, not literally).  And there’s a little twist right at the end…

This story has been beautifully illustrated by Amanda Francey, making it my first book as an author only.  Amanda has captured the cheeky, attention-seeking nature of Jonathan perfectly, as well as his weary family as they try to go about their day.  With more books in the pipeline, this is just the start of many for Amanda Francey.

I came up with the idea for the story after reading lots of simple and fun books with my kids.  I noticed they enjoyed repeated suspense, so I tried to use that element in this book.  I initially had an idea of two siblings scaring each other, then I decided it to be just one child pitted against the rest of the family.  It’s also my first book written in rhyme, and it’s great read-aloud book that allows kids to join in.