Blue Whale Blues

Blue Whale Blues coverI’ve got the Blue Whale  Blues,

I’ve got the Blue Whale, Blue Whale Blues.

This is the story of a whale with bike trouble and the penguin who tries to cheer him up.  Every time Whale gets the blues, Penguin finds a solution… or does he?  When the quiet and observant Turtle arrives with a surprise, Whale and Penguin begin to question themselves:  Is Whale’s bike really a bike?


Blue Whale Blues (New Frontier Publishing) is a silly and slightly meaningful story for the many of us who can’t stop worrying.  Things seem important at the time, until we realise it wasn’t worth worrying about after all.  I jumped into a few different directions with this book.  First of all, I used an entirely different illustration style, which I call chunky, ramshackle collage.   I basically drew and painted things, cut them out, then stuck them on, sometimes using recycled materials to do so.  It was loads of fun and I love the way the pictures almost leap off the page.

Bicycle Creating characters Creating penguin Cutting out the whale's bike Final stages Replacing turtle

I also recorded an audio track, which comes with the book (details on the imprint page).  I wrote, read, sang and played just about everything on the track, with some help from Mark Sholtez, who recorded and produced it all (and played keyboards).  The approach to recording was very similar to my approach to illustrating – ramshackle and a little spontaneous.  “Hey, look… I found a kazoo!  Let’s record it!”  Once again, loads of fun.