Jessica’s Box

Will Jessica find a friend on her first day of school? Watch closely as Jessica reveals the contents of her BOX. Could this be the answer to her dreams of friendship.

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 Sarah’s Heavy Heart

Sarah knew the heavy heart would always be hers to carry. She just wished it wasn’t so heavy.
A magical story about a little girl’s search for friendship and love.
Follow Sarah on her journey and let your heart get carried away.

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 The Important Things

Christopher comes to terms with an absent father by celebrating the important things in his life. An insightful and perceptive story about remembering a father.

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 Last Tree in the City

Edward is sad after he finds the last tree in the city is no longer standing. After some reflection, he finds a way to make things better. A poignant tale about the environment and the way children relate to its beauty.

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The Great Expedition

On August 20, a group of young explorers was charged with a dangerous mission. They were to travel across wild country to deliver a valuable parcel. The journey would be punishing. It would test the resolve of the brave young explorers. Most of all, it would provide us all with a pair of unlikely heroes to admire and remember for many years to come. This is their story.

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Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy is a rather reserved, gentle duck. He has all the great qualities of a gentle English aristocrat but his life is a little lonely until one day, he discovers that it’s ok to let his friends know he needs some help.

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The Children Who Loved Books

Angus and Lucy love books. They have hundreds of them. But when the books are taken away, Angus and Lucy’s family soon discover they need them more than they ever imagined.  A warm and moving celebration of books and the ways in which they bring us all together.

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 My Totally Awesome Story

An action-packed comedy about motocross, school and girls from award-winning children’s writing duo Pat Flynn and Peter Carnavas (and Duane).

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 Mr Darcy the Dancing Duck

Mr Darcy dreads the first sign of Spring. Flowers blooming means only one thing – dancing season, and Mr Darcy simply cannot dance.
Can Lizzy convince Mr Darcy to take a turn around the maypole?

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The Boy on the Page cover

 The Boy on the Page

One quite morning, a small boy lands on the page and, quite by accident, discovers the joy and wonder of life.

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Jonathan coverJonathan!

Jonathan likes to dress up and scare his family, but they insist he is just not scary.

What happens when he IS too scary.

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Nanna Ninja coverMy Nanna is a Ninja

All nannas are different.  But what if your nanna was really different?  What if your nanna was a ninja?

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