Get Reading and Tour Dates!

It’s time to Get Reading!

The Get Reading campaign kicks off today and I’m honoured to have one of my books, The Children Who Loved Books, selected as one of the Top 50 Books You Can’t Put Down as part of the campaign.   Look… there’s even a fancy sticker on the cover!

Get Reading cover

Now as if August wasn’t busy enough with Book Week and everything else inbetween, September is going to be just as hectic (and fun).  See if you can catch me somewhere (although the school visits are just for kids in those schools – not public).


Monday 2nd Sep    Mapleton State School

Tuesday 3rd Sep    St Agatha’s, Clayfield

Thursday 5th Sep  St Agatha’s Clayfield

Friday 6th Sep  Lucas Heights Community School, Sydney

Saturday 7th Sep 10:30am  Wannabees, Frenchs Forest, Sydney

12:30am  Warringah Literary Festival


Monday 9th Sep   Story Arts Festival, Ipswich

Tuesday 10th Sep   Story Arts Festival, Ipswich

Thursday 12th Sep   St Peter’s, Indooroopilly


Tuesday 17th Sep   Siena Catholic College, Sunshine Coast

Thursday 19th Sep   Siena Catholic College, Sunshine Coast

Friday 20th Sep  St Francis of Assisi, Melbourne  (GET READING EVENT)


Monday 23rd Sep   Nambour Library illustration workshop (start of the school holidays in Qld)


Monday 30th Sep   State Library of NSW illustration workshop (GET READING EVENT)



Drawing Mr Darcy video

Mr Darcy the duck is back!  This time he’s a dancing duck!  That’s why his new story is called… Mr Darcy the Dancing Duck.  It has been beautifully written by Alex Field (the author of the first Mr Darcy book) and it was my pleasure to do the illustrations.  Here is a little video of me drawing Mr Darcy in 60 seconds.

Ten reasons why you should buy the My Little Bookcase calendar

My Little Bookcase Calendar


  1. It’s heaps better than that Peter Andre calendar you were thinking about.
  2. It raises money for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, which helps marginalised children learn to read and write.
  3. It features amazing artwork from 12 super-duper Australian illustrators, some of it original and/or rare.
  4. You can buy it without having to go to a hideous shopping centre where you might even have to pay for parking while you wander in a daze in conditioned air, mindlessly browsing through discount stores and getting constantly harassed to sign up for pay TV, when you know that the only thing worth watching on pay TV is soccer but even that loses its appeal pretty quickly because the good stuff’s always on so late and the Premier League has lost its soul anyway, what with all that money being thrown around.
  5. When you’ve finished with the calendar this time next year, you can trim out the illustrations, frame them and hey presto!  you have your own illustration gallery.
  6. It was lovingly dreamed up, organised and put together by My Little Bookcase, aka Jackie, who possesses an amazing passion for children’s books and an even more impressive knack for getting vague, slightly aloof and completely disorganised illustrators like myself on board.
  7. My sister-in-law bought it and she really likes it and she’s really cool with really good taste.
  8. Think how much happier Aunty Betsy will feel when she receives this calendar for Christmas instead of that Andre Rieu tea towel you so nearly purchased last week (although I must admit, his mug is undoubtedly my mug of choice whenever I visit my parents’ place).
  9. It’s a totally awesome calendar (hmmm… that phrase sounds familiar… I’m sure there’s a book out at the moment with Totally Awesome in the title… perhaps… is it written by Pat Flynn? … and maybe even… could it be illustrated by a skinny bearded man who wears an Irish cap all the time?)
  10. Did I mention the super-duper illustrators?  Look at these names!

Kylie Dunstan (Collecting Colour)
Sue deGennaro (The Pros and Cons of Being a Frog)
Katherine Battersby (Squish Rabbit)
Sally Rippin (The Rainbirds)
Freya Blackwood (The Runaway Hug)
Lucia Masciullo (Come Down, Cat!)
Nick Bland (The Very Cranky Bear)
Anna Walker (I Love Ollie series)
Lisa Stewart (Can I Cuddle the Moon?)
Christina Booth (Kip)
Gus Gordon (Herman and Rosie) and
Peter Carnavas (Last Tree in the City).